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Another Year

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We say
Goodbye again
Another year
Of fallen rain
Another year
That's not the same
You'll hear me say,
"Here we go again."

I bid
My tears goodbye
Hope this time
I will not cry
Or at least cry less
Than I did this year
You hear that, God?
Here's my prayer.

Is a brand new day
At least that's what
The people say
And though it's been shitty, yes
At least, I'm not alone, I guess.

To all my people
Near or far
Doesn't matter where you are
I love you all
And thank you too-
I couldn't have survived life
Without you.

So raise your glass,
As the clock ticks on,
To days and months
Of moving on.

It will be tough,
But we'll be alright here (InsyaAllah!)

Have a happy, merry, warm new year