My heart is lead,

         My legs are heavy,

                  How do I go on,

                           With this burden I carry?

Tuesday Night

Reach for the blue sky,

Didn’t know I could,

Climbed up so high,

Without knowing I would.

But now I’m falling fast,

So fast I can’t see,

The light I saw last,

Or the girl who was me.

Will I ever find my way,

Through the abyss called “Life”,

Or, maybe will I stray,

And drown in this strife?

These thoughts don’t travel far,

Are never distant from me,

I’m trapped behind bars, thinking-

“Will I ever be free?”

The sun it sets now,

In shades of blue, white and red,

Can I run when I don’t know how,

And feel I’m already dead?

Oh, the birds fly away,

Just like I wish I could,

That would be the day,

When I could and I would.

Waves I

Tireless are the waves

That bring my love to you.

But do they reach

Those faraway shores?

Do they reach you

Past the storms and lores?

Do they heal your pains

As I would have

Had I been there?

Untitled II

It is fear that grips me,

When I think of death,

Of the timing, the place,

Of my final breath.

I shiver and I’d cry,

If only I could… understand why,

It feels closer than it should.

Should, ought, must-

Words that give (me) warning,

That Death has waited too long,

And now he is yawning;

“Come forth, my dear,

“Into the dark,

“Come here, with me,

“We’ll swim with the sharks.”

It is torture, I know,

Being haunted by this,

When to the mirror I turn,

And find the killer I had missed.

Waves II

The sound of crashing waves is music to me, the splashes of foam and sea water, as the waves break at my feet, the cool breeze, like the home I always miss…

      Is this God’s embrace? 

Another Year

A poem about a year that has passed and a year that is to begin.
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